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Man Fong Pak Mei Association in the Public Eye.

白 眉 正 宗

This entire website was created by our school as a tribute to Sifu Kwong Man Fong; for his teaching and interpretation of our Sigung, Cheung Lai Chun’s Pak Mei Kung Fu as handed down to successive generations.

The following video clips are Kwong Man Fong’s invitation to our Pak Mei family to view our school’s activity over the past 37+ years.




Special thanks to our Sihings/Sijehs:

Chuck C., Chung K., John Y., Bob W., Edgar W., David G., Beau H., Kwok K., Hector L., Cynthia, Bun N., Elizabeth P., Chi C., Ben T., Matt M. and many others for their support and contribution to the school and system.

Other Video Clips

sup jee kuen
Hand Set

sup baat mor kiu
Master KM Fong Demo
Late 1970's NYC


  • Inside Kung Fu

    October 1993

    "Pak Mei’s Gift to the World"
    - Henry Zucker/Kwok Kwong

  • Man Fong Pak Mei
    Student Manual

    Currently available to
    students only.

  • Kung Fu Magazine

    Sep/Oct 2011

    "Pak Mei's Jik Bo Kyun:
    The Foundation of an Entire System"
    - Matt Martin